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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  March 20, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the young turks the gop has a terrible jobs spell. of course. but guess who is sporting it? >> i welcome the administration support for this american. >> you are don't do it, don't agree. such a bad idea the nypd attacks ax pie again. >> they bloke the window. >> call the police. >> the cops are smashing me against the door. >> so if the cops are the ones doing the violence, who are the rioters, maybe it's the cops. okay. and then, you know, here comes the conservative as tacking president obama, for what someone else said. ♪ ♪ f you and f you too ♪
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>> c low, don't do it, you are going get him in trouble. we'll talk about whether the president should be blamed for that. here is your preview. no. and here is who should get the real blame, rick santorum goes topless. speaking of, no, don't do it. we'll also discuss that later in the show. it's go time! ♪ ♪ all right, the gop has a new jobs it's called jump start our business start ups. okay. and it's a disaster, we are going to show you why in a second. but guess what, it already passed the house. 390-23. long. here is eric canter on the bill. >> the president asked us in his state of the union address to send us a bill that helps business startups and the jobs
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act does just that. >> wrong again, bob, it doesn't do that at all. in familiarity, here is simon johnson talking about it. he used to run the international voluntary fund. he was the chief economist for that. so you know he's a real expert. quote. any smart inning investor will want to be better compensated for investing in a particular firm, this raises not lowers the cost of capital. the effect on job creation salt lakely to be negative, not positive. understand why he's saying that, is what this does is it makes it easier to commit fraud, because they are loosening regulations through n ron and they are taking it way. even some of the safeguards we had during the great depression are take that go away too. it makes it easier, what simon johnson and many others are saying, if you make fraud easier investors will be his s less licklikely to put money in our market because they are more lake to get ripped off. now that you know the beings
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facts listen to john bader and his interpretation. >> this bill will help small businesses, jump start them, provide access to capital. another one of our plans that i hope the senate will take up having run a small business myself, i know how difficult it is to jump through the bureaucratic hoops and red tape to get a business up and running. and i think this bill will make it easier for businesses and startups to put the capital that they need together in order to grow jobs in our country. and i welcome the administration's support for this measure. >> well, as we just told you it's the exact opposite. it will make it harder to create jobs, harder to invest in this country because you don't know whether you are going to get ripped off or not. it's fundallal. you just heard them the administration supports this. does it really? could it possibly support this bill? of course the answer to that is
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also of course it good. and amy said quote: >> yeah. not buying it. i don't believe that there are going to be sufficient safeguards at all he is special willespeciallyafter that big vote there is no president obama will challenge this bill. i believe. let's bring in michael here our political corresponder. if you agree with experts that this is a bad piece of legislation, why do you think it. >> i think it's bad legislation but it's obvious why the white house is going for it. it has to do with the titling. there are provisions in the violence against women act that don't please republicans but how do you vote against something called the violence against women act. the same thing is happening here
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to a certain extent, this is called the jobs act. how would you like to be a candidate campaigning in the fall having opponents say you voted against the jobs act even if they don't know as the white house said in that statement protect investors. as a matter of fact it rolls back protecting investors. >> i love how as nine is politics is. because what if i wanted to raise taxes on the rich and i act. are you going to vote against america is awesome? >> no, you are not going to vote against it, this is the remember inn -- the democrats calling the republicansrepublicans bluff, this is call their bluff and playing their game. now the democrats finally pick this spot and a terrible bill to support what they are doing. >> yeah, it's maddening as always the fact that the democrats go along with this stuff. and it's -- other reason by the way, is because they have the same don ors, keep donors.
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keep it real. shupperschumer loves this bill. >> as a senator from new york. the democrats en mass are supporting this. harry reid says it has to pass. that's all about style and >> yeah. all right. michael, thank you so much. i actually want to talk to an expert on the specifics of the bill to give you a sense of why we think it's so bad. it's lynn turner former sec chief accountant and he's us in the past to talk about this. and i want to talk to him again. lynn, first of all, talk to me about the lessens of the dot come bubble, what did we learn there and what have we forgotten in this piece of legislation. >> you bring up a couple of very good points. in enron we learned that companies can and do put out false financial statements. give investors financial information that makes them look
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really good when they, in fact are failing. in the dot come bubble we learned that financial analysts who are supposed to be giving up recommendations on stocks were telling us to buy stocks that in their own e-mail they were calling pigs and misleading us. and out of both of those we had reforms to stop that type of behavior from ceo's and wall street. but this bill recipients peels allrepeels all ofthose forms. so eliot spitzer who knows a thing or two about cracking down on fraud, said this, return -- this jobs act should be renamed the return fraud to wall street in one easy step act. that's very, very strong language. but so my question is, if most of the experts, such as yourself, eliot spitzer, simon johnson, you name it, agree, my easier. is it that the politicians don't understand that and they thought they were helping or do they think who cares these are the
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guys that are paying my checks so i'm going do whatever they tell me to do? >> i think it's probably more of the latter. they are all in an election year, all trying to save their own jobs. and they are looking for as much money as they can get to run those campaigns to keep their jobs. and so whoever comes to them with hat in hand with some dollar bills, with some bags of cash, they are going to do their bidding and in this case, the venture capitalists have come to those firms -- or come to those politicians and said if you give us this bill, you can have our cash. and you know they say there was never a vote sold in washington that wasn't first put up for sale. >> that's a good way of putting it. now finally on president obama we had a discussion just a minute ago about the politicof this. any other reason why president obama might be supporting this what looks to be an atrocious bill?
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>> you know, i think, again, for obama, i think he's in a tough election, it's a down economy, it's looking like he's going to have to face mitt romney and romney's super packed and he's going to need a lot of cash to do that and keep his job, and i think as they often say, just follow the mon. >> i right. of course his advice ors too steve case, jeff immelt, et cetera, steve case, at the time of aol, do you remember how that went back in the day? and why in the world is president obama using him as an advice or in. >> you know, it is amazing that obama has the former chairman and ceo of aol who i think was back in his days, at least i believe, he was one of the most corrupt companies that there were. axes. we did an action while i was there against them for putting out false and misleading data. which quite frankly this bill gives them a greater ability to
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do that without being held accountable. so here a you have a guy doing this, that obama is using as his advisor, ago we all know he had the similar ahead identifies or the former advice or of fanny trying to cook his v.p. candidate. obama hasn't got the right people around him to advice him on these matters and there were people who were in the kitchen cooking the bucks and so we are getting legislation and policy such as in this jobs act which is anything but a jobs ax. >> all right. and, of course, aol is under new management, but unfortunately the obama administration and the republican party are not. lynn turner, thank you so much for joining us and shedding light on this. we appreciate it. now, when we come back, well, we have been telling you about the story of trevon martin the african american teenage are shot by george zimmerman. well, the 911 toews are really
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hard to listen to, but they are very, very important to the case and they reveal a lot. we'll share all of that when when he come back. >> they always get way. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need to you do visit
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protect medicare and rebuild the middle class. >> steve israel runs the dccc, appreciate. >> thank you.
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i'm a lobster girl. top quality lobster is all we catch. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's lobsterfest. the only time of year you can savor 12 exciting lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream i'm laura mclennan and i sea food differently. a great tasting mint core, frosted in powerful cooling crystals. ice breakers frost. feel the frost. is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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oh. [yelling] >> well, that was local comedian in sanford, florida, who were chanting justice for trayvon martin. a man who outweighed him by 100-pound and had a gun on him. went up to him started a conflict and shot the teenager and what is more outrageous is that the police have not arrested zimmerman in more than three weeks. we hear the 911 tapes and it doesn't do zimmerman any favors.
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>> two huge part of that, "they always get away," gee, i wonder what that means. and second of all don't follow him. okay, he goes after and runs after him. apparently in his self defense argument which we really don't know because the cops never arrested him. just took his word for it said that he was apparently in so much danger that he had to shoot the kid. you might not have been in danger if you hadn't run after him. you hear it on the 911 tapes. now on the second part there is a scream in the beginning. it's uncomfortable to listen to but it sheds light on what is happening. [crying]
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>> well, as to who screamed right before that gunshot you heard we'll get back to that because witnesses are very clear but the police are not. first of all on george zimmerman, he apparently called the cops 46 times to report suspicious activity just since january 1, 2011. he sound like he's the suspicious one. and according to the "miami herald" he was fixated on crime and onioning black males according to neighbors and had been the subject of complaints by neighbors in his gated community for aggressive tactics, and in 2005 he was charged with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer and later the charges were dropped. now his actions were atrocious in the death of a young teenager but i'm not sure the actions of the police were any better. first of all they neglected to
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look up zimmerman's record. they said he was squeaky clean when in fact he had been arrested for resisting arrest before. they did not test zimmerman for drugs or alcohol even though experts say he sounded intoxicated on the 11 tapes. they "corrected" a key witness. the witness said i heard the teenager screaming and the cop on the scene said no you didn't. what you heard was zimmerman screaming. the guy who is 250 pounds. then finally three witnesses say they heard the last scream from trayvon martin, what you just heard on the 911 tapes. the cops have not called some of them back. a witness came out and said i want to tell the story to the cops. they won't even call me back. this is so outrageous and this is causing national attention. hopefully it will lead to a better answer. i want to have call on an expert
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expert. cops haven't done anything so far on this. turner first let me play you the white house response of this. we last week, called to get a response. so we're concerned it's a federal matter as well. here is jay carney's response to this. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to trayvon martin's family, but obviously we're not going to wade into a local law enforcement matter. >> how do you feel about that, turner? is that the right thing or the wrong thing to do on the federal level? >> this man committed a crime and he should have been arrested. of course the community is outraged about it. we feel if the situation had been reverse there would have been an arrest made that same night.
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>> yes, bus often black men shoot, you know, white men or now his dad says he's multi racial so he couldn't have been racist. if he's part latino, let me pause on that for a second, turner, it's impossible for someone who is part latino to be racist according to george zimmerman's dad's logic. >> that's not impossible at all. this particular man had a fixation toward black people and especially towards black youth. based on the information that i've been hearing he has history of this. >> of course, it's not. and let me just go to the cops again here because their actions are not only outrageous in this case but apparently there is a history of this. back in 2010 the police waited seven weeks to arrest a lieutenant's son on video
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sucker-punching a black homeless man. that was the same officer in charge of the crime scene here. and in 2005, two securities officers killed a black man they sailed was trying to run them over, and you know, very--it appears to be inadequate investigations. is this something that you deal with down there in seminole count all the time with the sanford police? >> yes, in fact, there is another case that occurred this past october involving some friends of mine where his son was actually shot and killed. the guy who actually did the shooting turned himself in to police. the police conducted an investigation, and they did such a shoddy investigation this guy is back on the streets. >> yeah, and you know, to your point if we had a role reversal here. if a black man shot a white man or whatever he happens to be, right? he had 100 pounds on him and he's the one who chased him down, and he's the one with the
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gun, and the white guy is the unarmed guy. it's been three weeks and they have not arrested zimmerman, how long would it have taken them to arrest the black guy. >> he would have been arrested on the spot, no if, and or buts about it. they would have taken him in custody and on bond. >> often do they give overwhelming data on self defense as they're giving zimmerman by the police. >> this particular case here is the first case since this chief has been in office that they're trying to use the self defense case. but in the past they just didn't shoddy investigation and of course if the person didn't get convicted they would go walking and nothing happened to them. >> yeah, shocking that they made an exception here. i want to go back to the jake carney idea that this being a federal investigation. we here at "the young turks" called the fbi early last week and here was the response they gave us. we're aware of matter. we've been in contact with local
3:22 am
authorities and we've been monitoring the matter. this must be a crime as a result of bias and that determination is made by us and not the locals. turner, part of that seems to be encouraging. that the fbi would at some point make a determination whether there was bias if there was a crime. do you think this should an federal case? do you think the fbi should look at this. >> they definitely should look at it. the community feels that the fbi should take over the entire police department there. >> all right, very clear on that. turner clayton. seminole county, naacp president. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> more personal abuse not on this, of course, but occupy movement back in new york and the cops bashing their heads into the walls.
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>>me and stephanie miller in the morning ... what a way to start the day. ♪ >> we have an occupy update because this is the six-month anniversary and occupy wall street was back in effect this week and of course the cops were back to their usual tactics in n new york, which is roughing up the protesters needlessly. there were 73 arrests their heads were smashed into windows there were broken bones and in
3:26 am
fact, a congressman is calling for federal investigation of how the police were treating occupy protesters in new york, and we have footage as well. here you're going to see part of the protest and then you're going to see a medic named jose having his head smashed by the cops into glass that is broken. watch. [yelling] >> the cops are smashing-- >> well, you saw what happened there. medics, they had it coming. you know protesting and such in america? that's not allowed. j.p. morgan wants them to smash her head in and we'll oblige because the commissioner gets a ton of food and drinks.
3:27 am
jeff was on the scene and reported, at what point can we call this a police riot, broken bones, broken windows and blood on the streets. and then jesse meyers said, i watched the police break up the group by punching protesters about the head, repeatedly stomping on shoulders and articles, grabbing throats and dragging protesters by the hair and clawing at their faces. that's what we really want. we want cops clawing at protesters faces. way to keep it classy, nypd, and way to report which percentile you're in. we'll go to rosy gray. she's with buzz feed. rosy, tell us a little bit more about how this protest went. and is it a sign that occupy is back? >> well, occupy never really went away per se, but they definitely had a down period. a lot of people thought they were gone. they weren't really staging the kinds of impactful protest they
3:28 am
were in the fall. saturday night was a sign of them being back and an injection of energy that comes from them just starting to be more aggressive. >> and as i looked at the nypd there, what justification do they have? what is their excuse for the broken bones. one woman got her was handcuffed. she started to have a seizure. her ribs were broken when they tackled her. what is nypd's excuse, the people exercising their first amendment had it coming? >> they don't really have an excuse. but they can get away with it, and mayor bloomberg defends it. so. >> i love that. they don't need an excuse. mayor bloomberg says it's okay and he's on his 28th term, so he must be right. now how about the movement as a whole. we got something coming up in chicago in the spring when n.a.t.o. comes around, they're
3:29 am
going to protest that. but does this give more energy to the movement, seeing this kind of abuse and what would be next for them? >> well, it certainly--it is the kind of thing of what happened on saturday night that gets them back in the headlines, which is important for occupy wall street. if they're not getting covered people forget they are there. they're regrouping, staging weekly protests on friday. the big thing coming up they'll try to implement a general strike on may first which won't be a general strike because none of the major union versus signed on, but that's their big event of the spring. >> what are they supposed to do? when they protest they get no coverage or when they do get coverage they get their head beaten in. i don't know how to express how aghast i am that peaceful protesters now get this kind of treatment.
3:30 am
so what do we expect in chicago? what do we expect in the may first protests? is it carté blanche now since there are no consequences, no cops get punished. no mayors get punished. if you go out there to exercise your first amendment rights should you expect an ass kicking by your own police that you pay for? >> the police have made gestures towards punishing certain cops who have transgressed in the past but nothing really serious. there has been no serious punishment handed down to policemen who behaved really inappropriately. the occupiers expect when they stage large-scale direct actions there is going to be blow-back from the police. they train for it. they expect it. i don't think--i mean, in terms of the police having carté blanche, unfortunately the reality of 2012 new york city is
3:31 am
this is a city where the police with get away with a lot of things. >> it's amazing to me. you expect blow back because whether you're daring to protest, of course you're going to get blow back. in oakland where there was some inkling of violence by the protesters, at least, i got it, i understood it, even if i didn't agree with it. in new york the protesters are not the violent ones. the cops are the violent ones. they didn't say let's go kick these guys' asses. rosy last question for you what do you call it when business and state merge, what kind of government is that? >> um, like what the word for that would be? >> yeah. >> you tell me. >> i believe the word fascism. now i'm not saying that we're in a fascist state but when the cops say my main job is to
3:32 am
protect wall street and j.m. morgan who i have a joint center with. they have video feeds all across wall street and those feeds are monitored by the new york city police and the banking security. when they merge like that, well, what the hell is that? then the cops say well, i guess my job is to kick ass for the bankers, and the guys who pay my bills, the taxpayers my job is to kick their ass. as you can tell, rosie i'm a little pissed. so i guess american democracy has changed first amendment means the police will assault you. that's the lesson i get from this. am i wrong about that? >> um, i don't think you're wrong. i think that this occupy wall street is a test of certain first amendment rights. it's not just the protesters, butwith the police, but also journalists. i was kept out of the november
3:33 am
november 15th raid on the park where they were all kicked out and so was every other journalist that was on the scene. it's not just them. i think the city has sort of of--they've been very tight with what they've done with occupy wall street. >> all right rosie gray from buzz thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we've made the case for the cops. in many cities where you cut the police force the homicide goes up. on the case of napped, ray kelly has abused every law imaginable whether it's telling his police forceing to assault innocent protesters so that his banking buddy can be happy about it. ray kelly should obviously be fired. the problem is his boss loves him because he made billions catering off the same bankers that's, of course, mayor bloomberg, and mayor bloomberg
3:34 am
is the guy i used to really respect but now 2058 he does is collect money from those same banks, protect them well, i got no interest in that. he should have gone a long time ago. as you can tell the story has upset me a little bit. when we come back i'll do a power panel. is it okay to blame others, like president obama by proxy for what entertainers said while they were in the room or maybe not even in the room but would be in the room later for. we'll discuss that. >> at an event, a stay tuned for the answer.
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bill press joins current's new morning news block. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. and i try to bring that to the show. ♪ >> all right. well we're back for power panel. two michaels joining us, michael shure, our open epics politics man, and michael solomon. great to have you here. is the g.o.p. losing the war on women, that means the women are winning? here is john mccain with a bit of a surrender on television this weekend. let's watch. >> do you think there is something of a war on women among republicans? >> i think we have to fix that. i think that there is a
3:38 am
perception out there because of the way that this whole contraception issue played out we need to get off of that issue, in my view. i think we ought to respect the right of women to make choices in their lives and make that clear and get back on to what the american people really care about, jobs and the economy. >> michael solomon, let me start with you. you know, is john mccain being a maverick here, or is he representing the republican party and running for the hills. >> no, that's exactly right. mccain knows what the deal is right now. this panel is indicative of what the republican party is having a problem with right now. you've got two middle age white guys talking about women and what women should do with their bodies, and that's a problem for the republican party. >> and me. >> i made you the woman you are today, that i know. [laughing] >> by the way we thought about that. the panel gets booked ahead of time. where is ana when we need her.
3:39 am
she's off. >> men have been trying to control women since eve handed adam an apple. and men have been blaming women ever since. this is not a new issue. i think there is a huge gender gap for romney. that's why ana romney is out there trying to make him look good. she's the second best romney out there right now. the republicans need to close that gender gap. that's why we have people like mccain saying we need to get off these issues. >> they're striking back and claiming that obama has a war on women. are we going to see this peter out? >> i suspect so. i violence against women act is going to be renewed in the senate. you're going to have a very difficult time if you're a republican voting against that. you have john mccain, michael brought up the fact that we're three white guys standing here and doing this, but john mccain is a senator.
3:40 am
there is some power hearing three white men saying women's rights have to be protected in this election. >> the only correction i'll make to that is i'm olive-kin-skinned. cee-lo is at a fundraiser for president obama. [singing] [singing] >> he apologized later saying, hey, i should have sung the clean version of that at the fundraiser. he wasn't really flipping off the crowd but he was singing the song, which drives me crazy. tell me if president obama is guilty for attending that fundraiser at a later time. did he plant those words in cee
3:41 am
cee-lo's mouth? what happened. >> this is not a new issue. when the kennedy campaign when they told frank sinatra to clean up his act they probably complained about lincoln going to the theater too much. you cannot blame someone like cee-lo any more than kid rock for supporting mitt romney. these are not the candidates. these are not the issues. cee-lo is not the issue. was it in poor taste? yes, but that's his hit song. could he have done the pg-13 version? certainly. it has nothing to do with barack obama. >> when we come back, santorum goes topless. don't look. it will blind you. we'll come back and discuss whether he has a shot in
3:42 am
illinois as only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room."
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct. >> now we got updates for you.
3:46 am
puerto rico was over the weekend and illinois is coming up tomorrow. i remember what what a bold talk show host predicted last week. >> 35% to 31%, rick santorum is losing. so mitt romney is still ahead. but i have a prediction for you guys. i believe rick santorum is going to win. there i just said it. >> rick santorum is going to win in illinois. i predicted it, and look at the polls today. 45% will--no romney. 30% santorum. i believe we have a word for this in talk show host school. it's called called oops. i got to stop predicting the primaries. i've never got continue right. michael iss back and he can correct me going forward. speaking of someone who needs to apologize rick santorum decided
3:47 am
to lounge out in his bathing suit. don't do it, rick. and apparently it cost him puerto rico. 8 percent for mitt romney and 8% for santorum for going shirtless and newt gringrich gets 2%. maybe it was when he said, you guys better learn to speak english. turns out that didn't play well in puerto rico. who could have seen that coming. let's look at the delegate county after romney takes all 28 delegates in puerto rico. 521 to 253. that's a pretty big delegate lead for mitt romney. i'll tell you that. but not satisfied with that, robo corps continues to attack in illinois. here's his latest negative attack ad against santorum. >> who can turn around the economy and defeat the obama economy, not rick santorum. he has never run a business or a state.
3:48 am
his plan, economic illiteracy inexcusable. the worst of any g.o.p. candidate. rick santorum, another economic lightweight. >> i love these negative attack ads against republicans. they amuse me to no end. let's bring in david schuster who is in chicago illinois, as we speak. david, before--well first of all, why don't you tell me what the advertising looks like in illinois. we've been doing that in every state. don't tell me that romney is outspending santorum? >> you know, cenk, there are some ads that are released by campaigns that are really brutal, and they hope that the media will get a lot of free play. but this one it's getting a lot of paid play. the romney campaign bind with the super pac is outspending santorum 6-to-1 or maybe 7-to-1. when you look at the fine prints
3:49 am
on that ad, they not only call him a lightweight they call him illiteracy and it's inexcusable. that's coming from the rupert murdoch publication. another reason why rick santorum is not happy today. >> and in rockville illinois, here is how he responded. >> governor romney called me an economic lightweight. because i wasn't a wall street financeer like he was. do you really believe this country wants to elect a well street financeer. that's the kind of experience we need? someone who is going to take and look after as he did his friends on wall street and bail them out at the expense of america? >> he's angry. and the wall street feed is back.
3:50 am
is this because he's angry or because he thinks it will work in illinois. >> clearly rick santorum is angry. he said that mitt romney has no core, and he made a point of say aing that pretty strongly. santorum is exacerbated. but he keeps pounding away in his campaign speeches about romney care being the blueprint for obama's healthcare plan and saying look, mitt romney is another guy who will take our liberty away. he's taking liberty away just as president obama did. and the hope for the santorum campaign is that plays particularly well in the southern part of the states where santorum has to run up some numbers the way romney will do in moderate suburbs. >> i love how heated he gets here. >> why illinois? why, illinois, would you consider voting for someone for
3:51 am
president on the republican side who was for romney care, the blueprint for obama care and for government mandates. why would we give that issue away. >> why illinois, why! [laughing] >> was he more angry romney or more angry that a gay crews line took a picture of him sun bathing topless in puerto rico. >> i don't know if i have the answer to that, but he was in ronnie reagan's hometown and said amazing things down there. we'll talk about that at the top of the hour in "countdown" but the santorum campaign feels they're not going to win by saying where is he looking for his election party. mitt romney is staying in illinois. i think the body language perhaps the santorum campaign has internals that don't look great for him. he tends to do better than he generally does no the polling. he tends to outperform.
3:52 am
>> everybody check out david on "countdown" on a follow-up story. thank you. i appreciate it. >> thanks, cenk. >> when we come back, when it came to firing employees, oh, they had no money. but well now when an executive steps aside you're going to be shocked at how much money they seem to have for him. i don't know about you but i'm going to get angry when i get back. >> i have to admit it's tough to accept those types of sacrifices when you see corporate executives getting visit
3:53 am
3:54 am
larry. i was surprised to hear there was no life insurance.
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funerals are so expensive. i hope larry can afford it. i know. that's why i'm glad i got a policy through the colonial penn program. do you think they have coverage for me... you can get permanent coverage for less than 35 cents a day. you won't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. plus, your costs will never go up and your coverage will never go down. if you're between 50 and 85, for less than 35 cents a day. there are no health questions or medical exam. you cannot be turned down because of your health. so call about the colonial penn program, and ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. a. >> we're back on the young
3:56 am
turks. when they say they'll lay you off they say oh we got no money. now gadet newspapers, they lost $1.7 billion that's a lot of money to lose. and their stock price fell 86%. that's a disaster, right? and they had to layoff 20,000 workers. in the beginning they were giving them severance, and then in 2009 they said, gosh, we're so out of money. sorry you don't get severance any more. they were doing layoffs and reducing wages and people were understandably angry. >> i worked in the newsroom that had five people, and i have to admit it's tough to accept those kinds of sacrifices when you see corporate executive getting
3:57 am
million-dollar bonuses. >> these are things that would make the newspaper better and stronger, and they're not willing to invest in the local community. >> come on, guys that's so unfirst. gannett lost all that money. they had no money left. so when the ceo is now stepping aside, they had no money left for him either, right? of course not! you know what his severance package is? $32 million. okay, look at this. $12.8 million in retirement benefits. $6.2 million in disability problems. i think he has a health problem but that's a lot of disability benefits. are you getting that kind of disabilility. $5.9 million in severance payment, and $7 million in stock awards. your stock dropped 86%. what are you getting awarded for? $7 million for your failure? unbelievable! it gets funnier, if you think
3:58 am
it's funny. he gets $70,000 annual benefits--this is on top--health insurance, that makes sense. home computer because he couldn't afford one and then secretarial assistance. he keeps his secretary for as long as he needs them, and then financial counseling. he does need financial counseling because he sucks at finance. you're supposed to be the ceo. what do you need financial counseling for? $32 million for the ceo that lost $1.7 billion. when it was for you oh, they don't have any severance. this is what is wrong with our society. these guys have rigged thebb systemo get everything to their benefit and they give you nothing in return. all right, look, that's our show for today.
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